1. In the application, click on the pattern you want to transfer.

2. Select the wanted size in the size preview.

3. Click on "Upload all" under the size overview in "All patterns".

4. Place the reference anchor on the fabric.

5. Click on the pattern piece you want to transfer.

6. Aim your smartphone camera at the fabric so that the reference anchor is visible on the screen. Once the camera has captured the anchor, the pattern piece will appear on your smartphone screen.

7. By moving the anchor, you can align the AR pattern to the fabric. If there is a cut line through the anchor, you can use the application's arrow keys to move the position of the anchor. You can also rotate your phone to get a better view. Install the AR slice at your convenience and just make sure that the anchor is flat and remains visible in the image. 

8. You can now transfer the pattern piece to the fabric using a marking tool (e.g. a tip marker).

9. Transfer piece by piece until the entire pattern is drawn on your fabric.

* The application shows you the outline of the pattern on the screen and the anchor fixes the pattern. If you move the anchor, you can align the pattern pieces. If you move the smartphone, the pattern piece will stay in the same place. Please make sure that the anchor is always clearly visible on the screen.
* The included seam allowance and how to cut the pattern piece (in the fabric fold or not) can be found in the info. It is also best to refer to the instructions for tips on how to cut effectively.
* It's a good idea to use the application to draw a dotted line around the pattern outline first and then put it all together".