You will see the following error message: 'This XML file does not have any style information associated with it'.

This may occur because the link for downloading purchased patterns that you receive with your order confirmation mail is only valid for 10 minutes after opening the email. If these 10 minutes have already expired, simply log into your Makerist account where you can access all of your patterns as often as you like. To view the patterns that you have purchased, click on the 'My Makerist' button (in the top right-hand side of the homepage), and at the bottom of this page you should find all of your patterns (both paid and free) under 'My Makerist Pattern Purchases'. Feel free to also refer to the attached PDF document for further explanation.

If this also doesn't work then the file(s) might indeed be defective or missing. In this case, please write us a message here and we'll make sure to get back to you as quickly as possible!